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This scholarship has very humble beginnings.  Elizabeth Ellen Brown ("Beth") was only 7 years old when Acute Lymphatic Leukemia took her from her family.  In 1957 the year Beth was born, her mother and father, Clarence J ("Bud") and Joyce Eldridge Brown moved to Urbana, Ohio to grow thier young family.  In 1959 the family grew by one son, Clancy Brown and moved to the home where Mr. and Mrs. Brown reside today. 

Beth's battle with her disease ended on March 25. 1964.  Later that year, the first scholarship - $500 - was awarded to Linda Dubbs from West Liberty, Ohio. 

So much has happened in these last 50 years!  There is now treatment for the disease that took Beth's life.  Many who love Beth and her family have donated time and resources to help young people of Champaign county Ohio pursue an education in the healing arts.

Look at the list of past recipients!  Do you know anyone on that list? For 50 years, the Beth Brown Foundation has faithfully collected, stewarded and given thousands of dollars.  There are little to no administrative costs as all board members donate their time and talents.  While a formal audit has not been complete, it is safe to say that over 90% of any money donated is given directly to the students!   

Help us continue to impact lives

Would you like to get involved? There are many ways of contributing to our causes at Beth Brown Memorial Foundation.

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